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Monster Moves - Pack 1 of 3
  • Monster Moves - Pack 1 of 3

    The Gymkidz Monster Moves PDF Packs are a fun filled 30 day activity program. The primary focus of Gymkidz Monster Moves is to get your kids moving!


    An Exciting Snapshot Of Pack 1 Activities - as you connect with your child you can expect to get lost in space, explore nature, juggle like a clown, become a superhero and surivive walking the plank, amongst a bunch of other fun filled activities! 

    Work towards completing a day, or work at your child's own pace. All three packs sees the completion of our sticker chart and a happier, healthier little monster!




    What is it? 


    The activities are founded in movement education, nurturing happy, confident and well-rounded children, built around basic movement milestones with its foundations in gymnastics. It is designed for your child to progress at their own pace, in the comfort of their home, using basic household items. Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 years and involves some parental instruction. 


    3 Fun Gymkidz Monster Moves Activity Packs


    Gymkidz has developed 3 packs of 10 day activity bundles. Each day centres on a fun theme with 5 different activities to complete to collect a sticker for their Gymkidz Monster Moves Sticker Chart. 


    The Gymkidz Monster Moves packs work through 5 core activities;


    Shape Of The Day - Activities focused on 10 gymnastics body positions, fundamental to mastering body awareness


    Muscle Up - Activities focused on strength and conditioning needed to execute skills developing core strength, endurance and resilience 


    Let’s Go Loco - Activities focused on fundamental movement skills developing the building blocks for balance and coordination 


    Imagination Station - Activities focused on pretend play and the imagination developing social development, language development, critical thinking and emotional development 


    Mindful Monster - Activities focused on mindfulness and developing self control, emotional understanding, confidence and communication 


    Complete your Gymkidz Monster Moves Sticker Chart


    Reward progress and acknowledge your child's achievements at the end of a completed day. You will need all 3 packs to cover 30 days of activities and complete a sticker chart.


    There are additional reward goal areas - If you child has shown excellence or improvement in any of the Gymkidz foundation pillars: 


    • Move (Body shapes, Strength, Flexibility and Skills), 

    • Think (Problem Solving, Listening Skills, Communication and Pattern Sequencing) 

    • Grow (Kindness, Communication, Perseverance and Independence)

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