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Kids Gymnastics Holiday Camps

Winter Holiday Camps


8th-19th July

9:00am - 3:00pm

Boys and Girls 4 - 12 years

$109 per day

Creative and Active Kids Vouchers



Join one day or join them all

The Gymkidz holiday vacation care program is the perfect option for parents looking for a dynamic and exciting activity day for their child during the school holidays.

Please note that Creative Kids vouchers can only be redeemed for Holiday camps as stipulated by Service NSW.  

*Creative Kids vouchers can only be processed manually. Please email us your voucher details and we will process it and apply a credit to your profile. 



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The Holiday Camp Fun To Be Had...

Activities are gymnastics focused, but include a variety of stimulating physical and motor-skill developments with crafts, acrobatics and team challenges, all in the care of our qualified team of instructors.


Camps are limited to 28 children per day (maximum of 7 kids per coach) and children are grouped according to age and ability. No gymnastics experience is required

**Don't forget to pack morning tea and lunch**

8.45am - Arrive & Sign In

9.00am - Warm Up, Games and Rules 

9.45am - Two 20min Gymnastics Rotations

10.30am - Morning Tea Snack and Movie

11.00am - Two 20min Gymnastics Rotations

11.45am - Craft (Craft activities change daily) 

12.30pm - Lunch & Movie

1.00pm - First Planned Activity (eg Throw and Catch, Parachute games etc) 

1.30pm - Second Planned Activity (eg Mini Olympics, Ninja Warriors, etc) 

3.00pm - Home Time & Sign Out

Holiday Camp Schedule

Day Activities

Join One Day Or Join Them All

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Activity Program Details 

  • Spring and Jump: Dive headfirst into the world of front and back handsprings and exciting jumping skills!

  • Flip-it Somersaults: Experience gravity-defying flips! Children will learn how to roll and flip forward and backwards!

  • Happy Handstands: Start the day on an upside-down adventure! Learn to stand on your hands, defy gravity and conquer the thrill of being upside down.

  • Throw and Catch: practice throwing and catching using balls, bean bags, hoops and more!​

  • Dance Party: Kids will dance, play interactive games, and learn some fun dance moves.

  • Parachute Games: An absolute favourite among kids! A variety of fun games. From making ripples and creating waves to bouncing balls, shark attacks and even creating a cozy, parachute-powered fort!

  • Mini Olympics: Kids will enjoy gymnastics stations with an Olympic twist. It's a fun blend of gymnastics and Olympic sports, fostering agility and balance.

  • DIY Obstacle Course: In teams,  kids design their own gymnastics adventure with a DIY Obstacle Course. 

  • Superhero Training: Unleash the hero within, save the day! Dive into thrilling challenges, agility, and strength tests.


  • Crazy Cartwheels: Become a cartwheel master! Learn how to perfect a cartwheel, up grade to a one-arm cartwheel and even attempt a"no hands" cartwheel!

  • Treasure Hunters: Kids will search for treasures all through the gym and have a blast completing fun movement challenges.

  • Stick Tac Toe: A super-sized twist on the classic game of tic-tac-toe! Kids will be divided into teams and play a giant version of tic-tac-toe. The fun part? They'll need to 'stick' their landings in squares to create noughts or crosses.​

  • Parkour: An exhilarating fusion of gymnastics and parkour, where kids will master a range of thrilling skills. From perfecting precision jumps and fluid vaults to navigating obstacles with cat-like agility and honing wall-climbing techniques!

  • Hide and Seek Fortress: kids build gymnastic hiding spots and play hide and seek with a twist. Seekers count, players create fortresses, and the hunt is on. It's hide and seek meets gymnastic fun!

  • Hula Hoop Fun: Kids join interactive hula hoop games, creating memorable moments with friends.

  • Balloon Volleyball: Kids play volleyball with balloons! Teams hit the balloon over a net, keeping it off the ground. It’s a bouncy, fun twist on volleyball!

  • Ninja Warrior: Channel your inner warrior! A race along balance beams, bars and leaping through hoops, it's an adventure that combines athleticism, strategy.

  • Gym Detectives: A playful mystery-solving game for kids! Teams tackle gymnastics challenges, and gather clues to solve a silly mystery together.

  • Floor Is Lava: An exciting twist on the classic 'Floor Is Lava' game, set in a dynamic gymnastics obstacle course! Kids will jump, swing, and balance without touching the ground!

  • Circus Skills: Kids will learn exciting tricks like juggling, plate spinning, pyramids and balances and more!

  • Monster Hunt: A monster-busting quest!Kids will embark on an obstacle course, conquering challenges while using bean bags and frisbees to knock down pretend monsters along the way.

  • Outdoor Picnic Party: Kids will head outdoors to Camperdown Memorial park to enjoy snacks, and partake in outdoor games! Pack a hat! Please note this activity is weather dependant.

  • Mega Obstacle Course: Gymkidz is turned into  a Mega Obstacle Course, with epic challenges!

  • Gymkidz Got Talent: Kids showcase their amazing skills in a fun talent show! From dancing to magic tricks, everyone gets to shine. It's all about fun, creativity, and applause!

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