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Kids Gymnastics Holiday Camps

Summer Holiday Camps


18th-22nd Dec 


2nd -25th Jan

9:00am - 3:00pm

Boys and Girls 4 - 12 years

$109 per day

Creative and Active Kids Vouchers



Join one day or join them all

The Gymkidz holiday vacation care program is the perfect option for parents looking for a dynamic and exciting activity day for their child during the school holidays.

Please note that Creative Kids vouchers can only be redeemed for Holiday camps as stipulated by Service NSW.  

*Creative Kids vouchers can only be processed manually. Please email us your voucher details and we will process it and apply a credit to your profile. 



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The Holiday Camp Fun To Be Had...

Activities are gymnastics focused, but include a variety of stimulating physical and motor-skill developments with crafts, acrobatics and team challenges, all in the care of our qualified team of instructors.


Camps are limited to 28 children per day and children are grouped according to age and ability. No gymnastics experience is required

**Don't forget to pack morning tea and lunch**

8.45am - Arrive & Sign In

9.00am - Warm Up, Games and Rules 

9.45am - Two 20min Gymnastics Rotations

10.30am - Morning Tea Snack and Movie

11.00am - Two 20min Gymnastics Rotations

11.45am - Craft (Craft activities change daily) 

12.30pm - Lunch & Movie

1.00pm - First Planned Activity (eg Throw and Catch, Parachute games etc) 

1.30pm - Second Planned Activity (eg Mini Olympics, Ninja Warriors, etc) 

3.00pm - Home Time & Sign Out

Holiday Camp Schedule

Day Activities

Join One Day Or Join Them All


Activity Program Details 

  • Spring and Jump: Dive headfirst into the world of front and back handsprings and exciting jumping skills!

  • Flip-it Somersaults: Experience gravity-defying flips! Children will learn how to roll and flip forward and backwards!

  • Happy Handstands: Start the day on an upside-down adventure! Learn to stand on your hands, defy gravity and conquer the thrill of being upside down.

  • Throw and Catch: practice throwing and catching using balls, bean bags, hoops and more!​

  • Dance Party: Kids will dance, play interactive games, and learn some fun dance moves.

  • Parachute Games: An absolute favourite among kids! A variety of fun games. From making ripples and creating waves to bouncing balls, shark attacks and even creating a cozy, parachute-powered fort!

  • Mini Olympics: Kids will enjoy gymnastics stations with an Olympic twist. It's a fun blend of gymnastics and Olympic sports, fostering agility and balance.


  • Crazy Cartwheels: Become a cartwheel master! Learn how to perfect a cartwheel, up grade to a one-arm cartwheel and even attempt a"no hands" cartwheel!

  • Treasure Hunters: Kids will search for treasures all through the gym and have a blast completing fun movement challenges.

  • Stick Tac Toe: A super-sized twist on the classic game of tic-tac-toe! Kids will be divided into teams and play a giant version of tic-tac-toe. The fun part? They'll need to 'stick' their landings in squares to create noughts or crosses.​

  • Parkour: An exhilarating fusion of gymnastics and parkour, where kids will master a range of thrilling skills. From perfecting precision jumps and fluid vaults to navigating obstacles with cat-like agility and honing wall-climbing techniques!

  • Hide and Seek Fortress: kids build gymnastic hiding spots and play hide and seek with a twist. Seekers count, players create fortresses, and the hunt is on. It's hide and seek meets gymnastic fun!

  • Hula Hoop Fun: Kids join interactive hula hoop games, creating memorable moments with friends.

  • Ninja Warrior: Channel your inner warrior! A race along balance beams, bars and leaping through hoops, it's an adventure that combines athleticism, strategy.

  • Gym Detectives: A playful mystery-solving game for kids! Teams tackle gymnastics challenges, and gather clues to solve a silly mystery together.

  • Floor Is Lava: An exciting twist on the classic 'Floor Is Lava' game, set in a dynamic gymnastics obstacle course! Kids will jump, swing, and balance without touching the ground!

  • Circus Skills: Kids will learn exciting tricks like juggling, plate spinning, pyramids and balances and more!

  • Monster Hunt: A monster-busting quest!Kids will embark on an obstacle course, conquering challenges while using bean bags and frisbees to knock down pretend monsters along the way.

  • Outdoor Picnic Party: Kids will head outdoors to Camperdown Memorial park to enjoy snacks, and partake in outdoor games! Pack a hat! Please note this activity is weather dependant.

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