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Our Story

Founded by Tamzin McSweeney in 2017, Gymkidz had a handful of equipment and a dream to grow happy resilient children in a local nurturing environment.

The Gymkidz programme has grown and changed over the years but our foundation remains grounded in simple movement milestones using gymnastic skills as a platform to get your little one Moving, Thinking and Growing.  

What We Offer

From 0 to 12 years, Gymkidz offers a whole range of recreational gymnastics classes, workshops and birthdays in Newtown.

All classes are age appropriate, with kids grouped according to their size and skill levels. Your child progresses at their own pace, tackling new challenges and skills each week over a fun-filled 10 week term.


Book a free trial or start with our drop-in Playtime classes from 0 to 5 years. Move through our Baby classes through to our Toddler and Preschool ages  and continue all the way through to our Kindy and Primary aged groups, moving up as they grow.

Our Core Gymnastics Programme Pillars

Our approach fosters development through our three essential pillars in Movement, Thinking and Growing. 




Our Primary focus is to get kids moving. We focus on a wide variety of movements and skills including strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination...

We work on developing left and right brain integration, improving spacial awareness, problem solving, language and listening skills...

Our program is a structured class that develops essential life skills tailored to their ages, including emotional and social behaviour, concentration and team work

Which lesson is right for your little monster?

Embark on a unique adventure into our monstrously fun world! From Baby to Primary, the first forward-roll to mastering advanced skills we have a class to suite. See our classes to enrol

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Rewards & Level-Ups!

Once achieving all 10 skills on a card, Primary gymnasts progress through our 5 Gymkidz Rainbow Levels.


Coaches are always on the lookout for exceptional listening, kindness and perseverance to give special Move, Think and Grow awards and a prize from our extra special Treasure Chest! 

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A Different Adventure Each Term...

Gymkidz skills sticker sheets are a fun way for your little one to track their hard work as they progress. Each term sheet is unique and keeps kids inspired and motivated with rewards for completing each skill

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We're More Than Just Gymnastics...

Looking for something beyond our term classes? Join us for exciting Gymkidz events and workshops.

We run Holiday Camp vacation care, Skills Workshops or even sneak out for a date-night and leave them with us for our special Gymkidz Nights Out held once a term.


Join our mailing list or be sure to keep an eye on our social pages for news on upcoming events

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Birthdays with Gymkidz

Celebrate your little one's big day with us. No gymnastics experience required, Gymkidz birthday parties are exciting and fun, perfect for kids aged 4-12 years.


Birthdays are self-catered and include an hour and a half of exclusive use of our hall, gymnastics apparatus and kitchen facilities, with qualified coaches to run your event and clean up taken care of by us at the end

What Others Are Saying...

I am so happy to have found Gymkidz for my 6 year old. We have been to two other Gym schools and this is the best one. I love the balance they have between equipment and floor. Teachers are really attentive and engaging and so nice! The kids all look so happy and the teachers keep them interested. Love the location and space

- Stacey Lamble 

Thank you so much team for such a wonderful service for our family. We love our Saturday mornings with you. The kids learn so much from you and have a great time doing it!! Thank you!!

- Kyle Jenkins 

My 4 year old daughter looks forward to her Wednesday gymnastics class every week, and has grown in confidence since starting last year. Thank you to all the teachers. Highly recommended!

- Rohan Tyler

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