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ctrl+alt+f7 if your ina single user session, use ctrl-alt-f1 in the first tty login yes Dr_Willis, tnx i need some help with live USB. i cant start xubuntu with live USB. The problem seems to be with USB driver. my PC sees device but it cant find appropriate drivers for it. I have tried to find driver for huawei mobile e520/e620. patryk: so whats the exact error message? i can boot to Ubuntu with live usb and then from there i am able to install Xubuntu with no problems. patryk: what ubuntu live cd was it? Dr_Willis: this was xubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso Dr_Willis: i am able to install latest drivers from here but i dont want to put them on my PC everytime when i want to use it with my phone patryk: thats the same issue.. only the desktop ISO has an option to boot to the desktop. the other is text based. You have to tell the installer what system to use. Dr_Willis: its a problem with driver. There is some "but" Dr_Willis: I have tried both 32 and 64 bit images and then I have tried to install them both patryk: you are installing what drivers? You are running what xubuntu? xubuntu 14.04 Dr_Willis: i installed them from here i dont think thats an ubuntu support question.. Dr_Willis: i know. But, may be its a xubuntu problem (or



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Ediabas Inpa Download Deutsch jaymverd

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